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A moment on the lips…

…a lifetime on the hips!

An excellent marketing piece should have that power and energy; the moment in the hand should convert to time in the mind.

I?m not suggesting that a mail shot can create the same desire in your target market as chocolate or cream cakes nor will it make them gain weight, but good marketing should trigger the senses because that helps us make memories.

And memorable marketing is the gift that keeps on giving.

A standard printed piece of marketing collateral will rely heavily on colour to create an impression which is a great start, because the eye is no slouch and can see somewhere in the region of seven million colours. So the range hue and balance of the colours you choose will all be seen and hopefully create a pleasant experience.

Will this along with your carefully selected font and call to action make the piece truly memorable? Is it likely that a few days later the person who received the piece will bring it up in conversation? thereby giving your marketing a second bounce; will they keep it to show others? In short will it start conversations such as –

?Look what I got in the mail the other day?

Unless your call to action or offer is incredible then it is unlikely to have generated enough emotion for the recipient to do little more than glance at it, if they have no interest in your product or the service you offer that glance will probably last for only a second then your lovingly crafted message is in the bin.

It?s this kind of reaction that makes us question the value of mailing our target market, often people will turn to cheaper methods of contact such as emailers or flyers, looking for the cheapest way to get their message to as many people as possible.

However, let?s consider a couple of salient facts here, 82% of direct mail are opened as opposed to only 29% of an email campaign.

So right from the off direct mail works, in a high percentage of cases the envelope is opened and at least a cursory glance is given to the marketing collateral it contains.

This is your moment on the lips! Or your ?time in hand? and the quality and uniqueness of your marketing will determine for how long.

Touch is another powerful sense, we have been feeling our way around since we were babies learning what was hot or cold or downright pleasant. We are tactile creatures with each hand containing in the region of a hundred thousand nerves but they are not infallible, a classic example of this is when washing on the line is either cold? Or damp? Sometimes our brain struggles with the information provided by our senses.

This can work to our advantage in the brief window of ?time in the hand? add our dimensional ink and it mimics the surface of the printed image so you can feel the grain of the wood, the skin of the orange or even the blades of grass.

The dimensional ink also gives a 3D effect to the appearance of your work. Now you have had much longer in the hand. The eye has worked its way over the 3D; the feel of the piece is being explored. Your message is now being observed and your marketing is working the brain much harder.

Let?s say we add a scented coating to the mix, so the scent of fresh mown grass mixes with the feel of the blades of grass. We have between five and six million cells that carry out our smelling function so when we engage those as well, we have a sensory overload that may very well result in someone saying

?Hey take a look at what I got in the mail the other day?

Why don?t you come down and see our world of communication, a cup of tea and biscuits included.

The thing about mail shots is…

img-direct-mail-mainthey cost a lot.

A first class letter now comes in at 60 pence and you need to cast your net wide and send out many thousands to reap a decent reward.?That?s before you think about paying for the various skills and services that you need such as designers, printers, and mailing fulfilment houses.

It?s easy to see why the prospect of sending direct mail diminishes in attractiveness the more you think about it.?True some mailing houses will offer discount on Royal Mail postage but how do you know that you are getting the best discounted rate available?

Another imponderable is

how do you know your mail is ever delivered?

If it was, did it reach the right person? Who read your beautifully designed marketing piece?

How do you know?

Well you could put a response code on, such as please quote ?mail one? when you ring.?Then hope that whoever takes the call remembers to record the reference was used.?Then analyse the data later, but not all ?mail one? callers will do business with you, some may just have called to complain that you sent them unsolicited mail.

So you have spent a lot of money had the stress, cost and inconvenience of transporting your mailer from the printers to the mailing house and you have little or no idea how successful your marketing has been. True you may see an unseasonal surge in business, a few people may comment on your campaign, but what is the return on investment? How much bang did you get for your buck?

There is another better way to carry out a direct mail campaign

Don?t cold call the whole country hoping to make a sale, target your marketing to the demographic of your ideal client. Hone in on a postcode you can service easily and cheaply.

Most importantly make sure your marketing piece has a clear call to action.

Engage with your market give them a reason to visit your web site or pick up a phone and call you.

It sounds simple but often I see direct mail that tells me

Bill’s Shoe Shop SELLS SHOES!

I get that, I understand that a shoe shop will indeed sell shoes. Why am I going to get my shoes there what is motivating me to engage with Bill?

Often nothing at all.

To make a mail piece work you have to generate interaction, the best way possible is to drive traffic to a web page. Give each mailer a Purl then give them a reason to visit and you the opportunity to engage with them. Using QR codes can increase your response rate dramatically.

24% of consumers in the 18 – 34 age range will scan a QR code, and the number of QR codes scanned rose 151 % year on year 2013/2014…Now imagine you have correctly analysed your market and you are using good pertinent clean data – your response rate should now be excellent.

Not only will you be engaging with your market, you?re collecting data to analyse the success of your campaign. You will know how much bang you got for your buck!

All helping you to?Spend Less Sell More.