Litho Print

When you need high speed, consistent print results, lithography printing has been the chosen method for years. Here at B&D our Heidleberg 75 Speedmasters produce vivid, reliable prints at up to 18,000 sheets per hour, 24 hours per day.

Our litho presses can print on to very thin substrates from 60gsm up to 500gsm (and up to 800mic). This allows us to produce a multitude of products from the thinnest leaflets used in the pharmaceutical trade to thick packaging material. Paper & board are our usual substrates, but we have printed plastic, fabric labels, translucent and metallised sheets with ease…

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Digital Print

Digital printing offers high quality print for customers requiring smaller run lengths. With lower make ready times and set up costs compared to litho presses, it means digital printing is more cost effective for any jobs only requiring a few hundred copies. This is why B & D Specialise in small run printing.

Our full colour, high speed Kodak NexPress offers the next generation in digital printing solutions. With an extended print size of 340mm x 990mm, we are more capable of meeting your print requirements than ever, no matter how small a run including landscape brochures or folders that would have previously been produced litho. The Nexpress can also handle stock up to 400gsm (400mic) whilst most other digital machines only can manage 300gsm…

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The need to promote your business through all media channels is essential for success. Using our digital presses to produce high quality short run promotional print means you can target your message to a smaller market saving you time and money.

A wide array of promotional material can be run whether you need a short run of brochures to show your products or a small batch of flyers or postcards to promote your next event, it will be produced at the highest quality whilst still being great value.

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If you need a small run print of business cards or compliment slips, printing them digitally can be the most cost-effective way to produce. Using our 5-colour digital press means we can match almost all pantone colours, allowing your stationery to be the exact colour you need without the expensive price tag.

Our digital press can print from 60gsm to 400gsm allowing us to print thick luxury business cards & stationery without compromising on quality. If 400gsm isn’t enough we can offer duplex and triplex board using insert sheets allows us to output digitally printed work of up to 1,300gsm!

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Variable Data

Maximise the impact of your print or mailed item by using variable data to personalise it to the end user. You can personalise so much more than just a name and address, our specialist software can tailor any images and text you need based on the data supplied.

With either full colour personalisation available through our Kodak Nexpress or black only personalisation through our high-speed Xerox press, either option will mean you are creating unique messages to you clients creating better response rates and brand awareness.

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Wide Format & Point of Sale

Our wide format machines can produce prints of up to 1,300mm wide on a vast array of different substates. Wide format prints can be output in blazingly quick speed allowing us to produce posters, self adhesive labels, banners, magnetic signs up to an amazing resolution of 1,440 dpi.

The additional of our Kodak Nexpress also allows us to print wide format and point of sale items at high speed on a massive array of substrates, printing shelf strips, talkers and wobblers are now more cost effective than ever!

Due to the advances in print technology any prints up to 1,000mm wide which would be more expensive to print on a large litho press or on a reel fed wide format machine, can now be produced on our Nexpress much more cost effectively.

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As print products can come in all different shapes and sizes we believe the more unique a product is the more impact it will have on your customer, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Due to every job being set up individually and not batch printed we can produce a massive range of products only limited by your imagination. Whether it be a colour or substrate that needs reproducing or a brand new product that needs producing we can guide you through and help to create something unique.

Our digital press enables you to produce many different designs for a very low set up charge, which means you could tailor your products to individual customers, increasing their engagement and the impact of your product.

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We offer a totally integrated in-house finishing service, enabling us to provide each step of your printed project the attention it deserves whilst keeping your costs to a minimum.

Our superior range of resources allows us to offer almost every variation in the finishing of your digitally printed job. Using our binding, trimming, perforating, creasing, numbering, laminating and encapsulating, incorporating our skills into even the most complex of jobs.

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