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This month we feature our new and improved mailing service, Mailmark? via Royal Mail. You can also read our blog which tells you why we ?post? letters. We have an opportunity for you to download our free E-Book ?All you need to know about artwork and print preparation?. Plus there is Greenery, Pantones colour of the year, and of course the winner of February?s #TwitterCritter competition.

artwork ebook

All you need to know about print preparation

We want the same thing that you want. We want your graphic files to print with no fuss and look like you meant them to. Even if you?re a seasoned professional and are used to supplying files for print, read this guide anyway ? our process may be different to what you are used to.

Go here to download!

Introducing Mailmark? to B&D!
What do we do?

We add a simple barcode to your mail piece; this barcode is scanned by the royal mail as it enters its network, when it is sorted and finally when it is prepared for delivery.

How does it work?

This enables your mailing to be tracked right through the royal mail process, for the first time you can track your whole consignment to the delivery round.

Why do it?

From 10:00 am the day after the royal mail receives your mail we can access real time reporting on where your letters actually are we can even tell you the predicted delivery time of your mail and the percentage of your post that will be delivered in the agreed time frame.

This can be a fantastic help if you are planning follow up phone calls, actually knowing your marketing has arrived as opposed to hoping it has can generate real savings in time and money and create a real advantage in knowing you are striking when the iron is definitely hot.

Also Mailmark? can be cheaper than other types of mail.

Fancy learning more about Royal Mail?

Click on the icon below to read our blog!

Pantone colour of the year

Pantones colour of the year for 2017 is Greenery; Pantone selects its colour each year to be a symbolic reflection of what is taking place in our global culture.

They (Pantone) describe greenery as bursting forth in 2017 to provide reassurance amid a tumultuous political and social environment.

Interestingly when we were preparing our rebrand last year we chose a shade of greenery which was then only a twinkle in pantones eye to reflect one of the four pillars of the customer journey you can take with us.

Read more about Pantone Colour of the Year here

February’s Competition Winner

February’s winner of the #TwitterCritter competition was Chris Eccles. Chris correctly identified Sesame Street as the answer and he was randomly chosen from the correct answers to become our winner. Chris received ?40.00 of “Love2Shop” vouchers, a framed print of the #TwitterCritter, two books from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and one of our gorgeous 40 year anniversary notebooks. Thank you to everyone that entered and supported the LWT and better luck next month!

To enter March’s competition go here

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