As business owners, we face numerous challenges on a daily basis – but the pandemic has turned whatever we thought we knew on its head. Although there is light at the end of tunnel, it’s important to stay connected with customers and make them aware you’re ready and waiting for when things begin to go back to normal.

So how do you connect with customers during a pandemic? We’ve outlined some of the ways you can keep in touch with clients and customers, without pushing sales or services unnecessarily.

Time to consider direct mail

We know it seems like the simplest solution to send an email on a regular basis to your customers, just to ‘touch base’ or offer a ‘word from our CEO’ – but consumers need more during turbulent times. Creating an effective direct mail campaign means you can reach people you might not have come across before – and provides potential customers with a physical reminder of your company.

Dependent on your industry, direct mail is a great way to send something free, that consumers will actually use. Whether that’s a desk calendar, stickers, bookmark, homeschooling activities, or funny gimmick – the choice is yours.

With a lack of human interaction and connection for many during the pandemic, a simple direct mail campaign from a friendly company, can offer some light relief.

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Think about what your customers actually need

Some businesses throughout the pandemic have really adapted their services and products. But that instant scalability isn’t always easy for smaller businesses. It’s time to think about what your customers actually need right now.

The pandemic has offered up a lot of different situations and requirement for individuals – from homeschooling to working from home to face masks to ordering food shopping online. What help can you offer, regarding these new challenges and adaptions? We’re not talking about quick wins and increasing sales; we mean real, actual solutions.

In the long run, this will help your brand voice shout louder than your competitors, when customers remember how much you helped, without asking for anything in return.

Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to come up with a new product or service for free – it could mean offering advice, a free webinar, starting a podcast, posting funny memes to your social media accounts, or sending a heartfelt letter.

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Take advantage of free resources

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the free resources that are out there for your business. From social media scheduling software to free online courses, there are plenty of resources to help you learn and grow as a business.

This is particularly important if you are having to pause sales and services for the moment. Take advantage of this time, to grow your skills and potentially your business.

Share how your team is coping with lockdown

If your employees are currently working from home, share their stories on your social media channels. Ask them to take pictures of their desk setups or even homeschooling. This can help customers connect with you on a more personal level, making your business appear more human.

Being personable is so important during difficult times; it gives customers something to relate to and might make someone might not feel so alone.

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If you need any help during lockdown to promote your business or get it ready for when things start to reopen, contact B & D Prints today.

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