2020 was a tumultuous year for many of us – as well as businesses up and down the country. This has led to marketing budgets being reduced, with companies scared to spend money where it might be deemed a waste.

Instead of pausing all marketing in 2021, it’s time to change tact. Direct mail marketing is ideal for local businesses looking to make an impact on prospective audiences.

What is direct mail marketing?

Unlike digital marketing, with direct mail, your marketing collateral is delivered physically through the recipient’s letter box. This means they can actually hold your ad in their hands! Direct mail can come in many forms, such as postcards, letters, packages, leaflets, and gimmicks. It’s an extremely effective way of reaching the right audience and making an impact.

What are the advantages of direct mail?

  • Personalisation

 We like to feel unique. In fact, 74% of customers feel frustrated when content isn’t personalised to them. This is where direct mail can have its time to shine. Even if you don’t have access to a recipient’s name, you’re still landing directly in their hands. This is so much more personal than an empty email, landing in their inbox. Direct mail campaigns enter a person’s home or business and stay there – especially if the campaign you’ve created is thoughtful and clever.

  • Cost effective

A direct mail campaign cost depends on the amount of creative you put into it, the execution, and the amount of addresses you’re posting too. Even with all this in mind, direct mail campaigns are incredibly cost effective, with a high ROI. Did you know that the average UK customer spends almost £600 from receiving direct mail each year? This is also based on the high response rate from direct mail campaigns, with 92% of it being opened and almost half of UK adults taking an action after doing so. Spending marketing budgets wisely in 2021 has never been more important, so it helps that direct mail is so cost effective.

  • Measurable

Digital marketing is incredibly measurable and trackable. You can use unique parameters and tracking codes to see where traffic is going, what users are buying, and how long they’re taking to make the purchase. Although you can’t determine how long someone is mulling over your direct mail postcard or leaflet, you can add a unique discount code or offer, which allows you to track how many people have purchased or signed up for a service, based on your direct mail campaign.

  • Increases brand awareness

Even if recipients of your direct mail campaign don’t take an action, you’ve still managed to get in front of them. This is especially so if you’ve created a piece of direct mail that can be utilised by the recipient i.e. a fridge magnet or calendar. You’re constantly in the face of that person, so even if they don’t need your services or products right there and then, your brand will be in their mind for when they do.

Why is direct mail effective in 2021?

Well, for starters, we’re spending a lot more time at home. Whether that’s from working from home or local lockdown restrictions at the weekends, people are staying in – and their letter boxes aren’t going anywhere either. But aside from a global pandemic, there a lots of other reasons why direct mail is effective in 2021.

  • Multi-channel marketing

If you’re not seen here, you could be seen there. Direct mail is a great asset to multi-channel marketing. By creating brand awareness, the next time a recipient logs on to Facebook, or scrolls through Instagram, or searches for a particular service, if you’ve implemented assets across these channels, you’re further instilling your brand in a potential customer’s mind. Direct mail really complements an integrated marketing strategy, and although you shouldn’t rely on direct mail as your only tool, you should see it as an additional asset to the strategy you have in place.

  • It’s less common than you think

Why does this make it effective? Well, you’re getting in front of your customers where your competition isn’t. Your audience will be bombarded with targeted social media adverts, email marketing campaigns, and PPC ads. But when it comes to direct mail, it’s actually an underused tactic for many industries, which means your brand has more chance of standing out and making an impact. Digital marketing is familiar; direct mail marketing needs more thought, which means fewer brands are less likely to embrace it.

If we look at how saturated our email inboxes are, it can be easy to ignore a marketing email. How many of us simply delete or unsubscribe when we’re overwhelmed by the amount we’re receiving? The post we receive through our letterbox is few and far between, which is why direct mail campaigns stand out more.

  • High ROI

Many businesses slashed their marketing budgets in 2020 and looked for new ways to get the best bang for their buck. Enter direct mail. If you’ve never utilised this channel before or have simply forgotten about it, 2021 is the time to try it out again. According to Royal Mail, direct mail delivers, on average, £3.22 ROI, which is better than online advertising, usually delivering £3.12 for every £1 spent.

  • Reach a less engaged audience

Digital marketing tactics can drill down and target the younger audiences. But what about those groups who don’t spend their time on social media or browsing the internet? Direct mail has the ability to reach those who wouldn’t normally be bombarded with the plethora of internet advertising that’s out there. It’s time to get in front of them.

If you’re thinking about kick-starting your direct mail marketing in 2021, speak to a member of our helpful team today. At B&D Prints, we can design your creative, clean and sort your data, and create unique call to actions and tracking codes, measuring the success of your campaign. Get in touch today.