What a year it’s been! No matter what industry you’re in, unique Christmas gifts and thank you presents can be a tricky job to organise – and we think this year, a chocolate selection box or bottle of bubbly might not cut the mustard.

If you’re struggling for ideas for client, customer, and employee gifts this Christmas, we’ve created a handy list of personalised and branded presents that they can really enjoy this year – keeping them on brand and within budget.

Top tips for client gifts

  • Keep them branded and personalised. Find out about your clients’ interests and nuances and use these to your advantage when it comes to gift buying. A bottle of champagne might work for one client, but might be pointless for the client that can’t drink. Finding out early on what makes them tick ensures you won’t offend anyone later down the line
  • Look at how much a client spends with you and choose a gift to match that spend. Although each client is important, lavishing a lower paying client with an over-the-top and expensive gift could look peculiar
  • You don’t always have to wait until Christmas to show your clients some love. Smaller, personalised trinkets throughout the year, show your clients that you’re thinking of them and appreciate their custom. This could be a branded desk calendar or fridge magnet. Remember, some of your clients might not celebrate Christmas, so don’t alienate them or offend by only sending something at this time of year.

Client and employee gift ideas

Donate to a chosen charity

Christmas is the season of giving, after all. Donating to a charity on your client or employee’s behalf can be a lovely gesture, especially if the charity is near to their hearts. Many companies have a nominated charity each year. For clients, you could find out what theirs is and make a donation. For staff, you could ask them who they’d like the donation to go to.

Provide clients with a digital gift card

This can either be to use on your services or products – or maybe you ask your clients what their favourite store is. The hope is that every time they look at the gift they chose for themselves, they’ll think of your company. For employees, this works really well, as it means they get something they actually want, rather than a pat on the back and verbal ‘well done’.

The humble desk calendar

Who doesn’t love a desk calendar? They’re useful, they last all year long, and they’re branded. But there are ways of making them a bit more interesting. How about marking key days throughout the year, like ‘National Sausage Roll Day’, ‘Clean Off Your Desk Day’, or, our personal favourite, ‘Lost Sock Memorial Day’? It will keep your clients laughing all year long – and remembering your company too.

Winter work from home package

Like us, a lot of your clients may be working from home at the moment and, with just a couple of months left of the year, that probably isn’t going to change any time soon. Creating a fun and useful WFH package is a great way to spread some festive cheer. Items to include could be a branded mug and coaster, mouse pad, notebook, pens etc. You could go one step further and pop some socks in with the boss’ face on. This is a great idea for clients, as well as staff. It’s also relatively cost effective and fun to do.

Gift basket

Ah, the Christmas hamper. We think it’s been done to death, which is why we think you can turn it on its head. 2020 has been a weird year all round, so why not put together a gift basket that matches everything that’s happened this year? We’re thinking branded face masks, toilet roll, pasta – all the essentials. Hopefully it will get a few laughs, as well as a few shares on social media.

Online courses

For your staff, you could offer the opportunity to pay for an online course of their choice, throughout 2021. This is a unique gift idea, as it allows your employees to get stuck into something new and expand on their current skill sets. They might have a burning passion to learn how to play the trumpet or perhaps they want to try their hand at coding. This is a great way to show your staff you appreciate they have other interests outside of work and that you’re prepared to invest in them.

Branded headphones

If you don’t mind splashing out a bit of cash this Christmas, you could treat your clients or staff to a pair of branded headphones. Invest in some good quality ones though, as you’ll want your clients to continue using them throughout the year – and beyond. With so many video calls happening over the last few months, we’re sure they’ll welcome a great pair of headphones.

Microphone and ring light

Whether your clients want to fulfil their social media influencer dreams, or just look better on video calls, an external mic and ring light can be a welcome gift for many. It’s also a great way of getting in front (literally) of your clients all year round.

However you’re planning on treating your clients or employees this festive season, make sure you do it safely and securely. Speak to one of our helpful team members today to discuss how to make your Christmas gifts ones to remember.