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It’s not all hot air and you could be rising high ballooning in the sky.

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The NexPress ZX3300 at B&D Print

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, 2018 has seen the installation of a multi colour high speed variable data press at B&D?s Leyland site. The press is equipped with a high precision print engine and uses high definition inks, resulting in razor sharp images with a fantastic gamut of colour.

The new generation of Kodak Nexpress also has the ability to print white ink on coloured stock, or in layers within the artwork, enabling a true white to be printed.

Every print off this press can be different! Both text and images can change on every single sheet, so they can produce marketing that matches the demographic of your database exactly.

A Year of Investment

Everybody throughout the business is excited with the potential offered to clients through this investment. So we asked a few of them what they thought the new Nexpress ZX3300 would bring to the business and offer to clients, both existing and new.

Managing Director Glenn has been responsible for all things production in this extremely hectic environment for thirty five years. He says, “The new machine gives us the opportunity to shorten lead times on a wide range of jobs we just couldn?t produce quickly before. The larger sheet size means we can personalise folders and POS items, as well as producing everything we were doing, at a much higher quality.”
Helen heads up the sales team and has twenty years of experience working with B&D?s clients. She says, “Our new Nexpress will enable us to exceed current expectations of digital work and will allow us to add the WOW factor! A lot of my customers like to be different and stand out from the crowd and our new machine will certainly help to achieve this.”
Leanne is a member of our creative team. She says, ?The opportunity this technology presents to the designer is second to none. The quality of its reproduction really makes Images stand out from the surface of the paper and the depth and range of colour is stunning. Some of its ?tricks? like the white ink are just made for exciting design. We?re really looking forward to pushing the technology and seeing just what we can do?.

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