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April News

This month we feature our wide format digital solution, you can also read about the 6? of B&D which tells you something of our philosophy and the way we do business. Plus you can see how our April Fools joke went, and of course the winner of March?s #Twittercritter competition.

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01. We’ll get you a proof out the next day

You?re busy; we will never slow you down. Once you have submitted your artwork, be confident that your proof is on its way. It?s not a dark art, we use the latest technology, and we?re efficient. For smaller jobs we can text you a proof.

02. You’re in the loop…

We?ll keep you informed every step of the way. You will only speak to your dedicated representative they?ll oversee your job from start to finish, you?re virtually onsite.

03. After Sales

We will never bombard you with sales calls. However we won?t give you the silent treatment either, from time to time we?ll give you a call to see if there is anything we can help you with. If you ever need advice or help with a project, call us, we?ll make our geeks talk!

04. No Late Deliveries

This will not happen with us. 95% of our jobs are delivered on or before the required date, the 5% that are delivered after that are negotiated and agreed. We will never ?not turn up? we will work with you to find a solution; we will never let you down.

05. If it’s not right, then it’s wrong

Having been ISO accredited for over 20 years you can be assured we have a robust and tested quality system in place. From the Job to the box it?s packed in we care. However should something go wrong we will put it right, straight away, it?s like a no quibble guarantee

06. Adding Value

If we can see a way to save you money we?ll tell you how it can be done. We will also, where appropriate, collaborate with ideas that will improve your project creating more ?bang for your buck?.

Wide Format Printing

Our Mutoh wide format inkjet printer can achieve high ?photo? quality prints (1440dpi) on a wide range of surfaces, the maximum width is 162 cm whilst the length is only limited by the roll length.

Contact our sales team who will take you through the wide range of options available to you.

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March’s Competition Winner

March?s winner of the #TwitterCritter competition was Suzanne Walton. Suzanne correctly identified India as the answer and she was randomly chosen from the correct answers to become our winner. Suzanne received ?40.00 of ?Love2Shop? vouchers, a framed print of the #TwitterCritter, two books from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and one of our gorgeous 40 year anniversary notebooks. Thank you to everyone that entered and supported the LWT and better luck next month!

To enter April’s competition go here

That blurred gig photo, made clear!

Following the breakthrough of Vantablack the blackest, black thing known to man, here at BD towers we are proud to announce the breakthrough of REI.

Resolution Enhancing Ink

REI or Resolution Enhancing Ink uses the same nano technology as Vantablack it has however been reverse engineered by our dotologists to generate AHTD.

AHTD or Added Half Tone Dots is a fine powder made up of tiny graphene digital information nano particles which is mixed into ?normal? printing ink.

Leaked footage from our lab

Gig Images

The best way for us to describe this to you is for you to flick through your phone to the last gig you went to, caught up in the moment you fail to realise how far from the stage you are and just how dark it is. The resulting images you still have saved on your phone are like these typical gig images, out of focus dark and grainy ? no good to neither man nor beast.

Quantum Powder

Well that is so yesterday, now with the recent breakthroughs here at BD towers we can add digital information into your poor quality photos.

The addition of our patented quantum powder to ?normal? ink regenerates image in the areas of the picture that didn?t get enough light or depth of field.As you can see the results are stunning with the AHTD powder and our Resolution enhancement engine in our plate maker or digital machine you can finally print directly from your phone images like the one below.



Happy April Fools!

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