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Does your voice match your outfit?

Or…is your online identity consistent with your offline?material? Does all of this accurately reflect the culture and philosophy of the?business you run?

You can tell a lot about someone from their personality.

This is an old one liner but funny because of its truth.

Often when I look at the overall marketing presence of a business there seems to be multiple personalities at work. This isn?t surprising because there are often the voices of several marketeers/designers promoting your brand.

  • So the guy who did your website picked up on your outstanding customer service and that?s the main sales message online.
  • The folk who did your brochures ran with your recent investment in new equipment and the quality this brings to your product.
  • The people that handle your social media (or maybe you do this yourselves?) tweet about your cheap pricing strategy, and put offers on your Facebook page.

This is all good in isolation, after all some marketing is better than no marketing at all right?

Well no.

Everybody expects great customer service, why would anybody put up with anything less? However anyone dropping by your website would think you were trying to claim this as your Unique Selling Point!

We all demand and expect that the things we buy match our quality expectations; no one is going to buy something that isn?t fit for purpose, that won?t do the job. If your product is design centric then it goes without saying it must scream quality. This is merely expected by the buying public yet it is the focus and voice you give to your no doubt, beautifully printed quality brochure.

Then you use social media to fill your follower?s time lines up with how cheap your stuff is. Everybody expects value for money, and Google will soon tell them where to get it at the lowest cost. If you make price your USP?you better be the cheapest, and unless you are a major national discount chain with huge buying power you are probably going to be undercut.

Avoid the trap of your marketing looking and sounding exactly the same as every other business in your sector. You will all have similar qualifications, belong to the same trade organisations; you?re all going to be using the same images, trade logos and all care equally for the environment. Each one of the websites/brochures will tell you they give value for money and that they provide a quality service so why will anyone choose you?

What do you do that will solve the problems that your potential customers have?

This is the message you should consistently use to market your business.

On every platform your marketing should look, feel and sound the same as you develop your brand.

Think less about you and more about your target market.

Use a marketing solutions provider that has experience in communicating across the marketing mix with authority and creativity.

Most importantly make sure they understand you and the unique solutions you provide.

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